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Get corporate law services from our firm in Greenville, SC

Running your own business is challenging, but having a business formation attorney by your side can help. The Law Offices of Truluck Thomason, LLC provides corporate law services for business owners in the Greenville, South Carolina area. We'll work with you to incorporate your business, create legally binding contracts and keep your business running aboveboard.

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How can we help?

The Law Offices of Truluck Thomason wants to help you with your business in any way we can. With a full range of corporate law services, we'll work with you to file legal paperwork and complete business law tasks on your behalf.

You can depend on your corporate attorney to...

  • File business formation paperwork.
  • Put together employee agreements.
  • Go over monthly business law requirements.
  • Make sure employee handbooks are in order.
  • Outsource subcontractors for your business.

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