You Want What's Best for Your Child

You Want What's Best for Your Child

Discuss child custody options with a child custody attorney in Greenville, SC

Divorce is difficult on both parties, but when a child is involved, things get even messier. Child custody is an important part of any divorce. Whether you plan to co-parent or one party wants primary custody, it's important for you to hire an experienced child custody attorney for representation. The Law Offices of Truluck Thomason, LLC is here to help you navigate the legal system and build your case effectively.

If you're already co-parenting and having problems, our team can help you with that, too. Talk to one of our child custody attorneys in Greenville, SC today.

What goes into the judge's decision?

When you present your child custody case in front of a judge, you want to put your best foot forward. A judge will consider each parent's...

Finances. Whichever spouse receives custody of the child will need to be financially stable enough to support them as they grow.
Lifestyle. A child needs a calm, stable living environment, and a judge will take that into consideration when choosing a primary guardian.
Relationship. The child's input has an impact on the judge's decision. If one parent has a poor relationship with the child, that will play a factor.

Co-parenting requires compromise and negotiation. If you need mediation services from a child custody attorney, call our family law firm at 864-331-1751 today. We work with clients in Greenville, SC and the surrounding areas.